Orem Transmission Plus LLC is the number one transmission repair shop in Orem, UT. Keep your car reliable by keeping the transmission properly maintained. We can help you with that. 

In addition, we are the best when it comes to working on auto air conditioning. Let's help keep you and your family cool during the summer. 

If you want to get your vehicle inspected, give us a call to schedule an appointment.


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Orem Transmission Plus LLC is a well trusted and reputable transmission repair shop near the Orem, UT vicinity. They serve Orem, American Fork, Payson and all other surrounding areas in Utah. In order to prevent or minimize accidents on the road, it is essential for a driver to keep a vehicle’s transmission properly maintained by experienced mechanics. In addition to repairing transmissions, the professional staff at Orem Transmission Plus LLC also provide other types of maintenance work at reasonable rates. When you have an issue with your vehicle and you don’t know how to repair your transmission, you can depend on the speedy services of these experts. They have experience performing work on various types of transmissions. So, when your transmission malfunctions, you have the option of contacting the shop for assistance. These professionals are focused on the needs of their clients and try to complete the mechanical work within a reasonable time frame.
With regular maintenance and minor repairs, you can quickly get your vehicle back on the road. And even if you happen to have a major repair, an expert is fully equipped to help you and to provide you with a cost-effective service. When you use the transmission repair shop at Orem Transmission Plus LLC, you will always obtain excellent workmanship. These experts have a history of performing a range of mechanical services for different types of vehicles. You will benefit greatly from enlisting the services of this service provider whenever you want to give your vehicle quality care. These professionals are highly trained to solve all your vehicle problems.
Whether you live in Orem, American Fork or in another nearby community, do not hesitate to visit the mechanics at this transmission shop. Your transmission issues will be diagnosed and your problems quickly resolved. Orem Transmission Plus LLC takes are of all their clients!



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